JWOWW Has Plans For An In-House 'Shore' Salon [Video]

"Jersey Shore" airs Thursdays at 10/9c, but you don't have to wait 'til then to check out the raw footage. Throughout the week, we'll be sifting through the Jersey Shore Dailies to make sure you're getting your fill of the crew in Florence. Check out the latest featured clip below.

Considering a good chunk of her precious cargo exploded in transit to Italy, the idea that Jenni still plans to share the vital source of GTLers everywhere--canisters full of spray tan--with her housemates is nothing short of heroic. "Jersey Shore" officially has its Madonna.

In this confessional from the "J-Shore Dailies" vault, the great JWOWW lays down a blueprint for an upstairs, all-inclusive spray tan/hot tub combustion of heat and leaky orange runoff. You want hot tub? BAM. Substitute for melanin? YEAH, WE'VE GOT IT. And--no, yeah, that basically covers it.

Make a reservation while you can in the cloth/tent room, though! The self-appointed project manager only has eight bronzing bottles left, which is, like, a "10-day supply." If only lotions and sprays came in impenetrable steel... Hey, girl can dream.