'Teen Wolf' Poll: What Will Happen To Lydia?

Even though Peter Hale took a massive chunk out of Lydia during last week's episode of "Teen Wolf," he exhibited a softer side during tonight's finale when he gave Stiles a chance to save her from bleeding to death (what a guy!). Stiles called Jackson just in time, too, because he was able to rush her from the lacrosse field to the hospital to get emergency care.

Everyone in Beacon Hills is hoping for Lydia's speedy recovery, but we're not so sure it's going to end well for her. After sneaking into her room, Scott noticed that her bite marks didn't heal the way they should have. Werewolves can fix themselves up almost immediately, so since Lyd's lacerations were still open and inflamed, he was stumped as to what--if anything--she'll turn into.

+ Do you think Lydia will become a werewolf despite Scott's evaluation, or will she turn into an entirely new type of creature? Take the poll and give us your predictions!

What will happen to Lydia?

  • Scott's wrong, she's totally going to be a werewolf.
  • Nothing, she's still human.
  • She'll become an entirely new breed of...something.