MTV Twitter Roundup: Pauly D Gets A Lap Dance From Britney Spears!

Pauly D is no stranger to women throwing themselves at him (here's lookin' at you, Deena!), but he sure wasn't ready for Britney Spears to straddle him on stage last night and give him a seductive lap dance. He's been touring with the pop star on her "Femme Fatale" tour, and she surprised the beloved "Jersey Shore" castie by hoisting herself around his blowout.

While he was focused on Brit Brit's sexy moves, the rest of the "Jersey Shore" cast was focused on the new episode. After watching herself take some--nay, dozens of--nasty spills, Deena took to Twitter to open up further about her CFD (chronic falling disorder), and Vinny needed a little space to vent about SamRon's bickering. It's OK, Vin, let it all out.

Check out the Shorers' and other MTV stars' tweets below:

Photo courtesy of @BritneySpears