5 'Rivals' Teams We Think Will Remain Friends

"Rivals" is supposed to be a competition played by two-person teams that despise each other, but instead, hugs, encouragement and fist-pounds are being exchanged at frat-house rates. Frankly, it's repulsive. Leroy and Mike have definitely set the pace with all of their positive reinforcement (except when Mike's being pelted with cookies), and there are a number of teams following the trend. Here's a look at some other pairings that we anticipate will remain close following "The Challenge."

Tyler and Johnny

The best remedy for a rotten relationship? Lots of winning. These two keep getting tighter with every victory, and if they can unseat the savage Bostonian, they might just remain inseparable.

Paula and Evelyn

Did you see the way Evelyn comforted Paula during Laurel's vicious attack? Would you hug the sobbing and snotty face of someone who wasn't a friend? Didn't think so. Something tells us even if Evelyn can't help Paula get her first title she will be there with tissues when the final credits roll.

Laurel and Cara Maria

Laurel's maniacal tirade during the last episode made it pretty clear that she's got Cara Maria's back. And since these two have turned themselves into the black sheep of "The Challenge," they're the only company they've got.

Jonna and Jasmine

The rookies have put their past beef behind them, even admitting that the whole boy-fight was stupid. With all those negative feelings out of the way, they have nowhere to go but forward. Plus, once someone digs you out of a buried box, you owe them at least a little kindness.

Adam and CT

Despite Adam's best efforts, CT might have finally convinced his teammate to jump on the friend train. They've won together, been shunned together and have been thrown into The Jungle together. Regardless of who leaves this next elimination round alive, it will be hard for Adam to resist CT's baby blues.

+ Think the next "Challenge" will involve a friendship bracelet-making competition, or will the warm and fuzzy feelings dwindle as soon as the game's over? Let us know in the comments!