Italians Can Now Properly Express Their 'Jersey Shore' Repulsion

Some of the "Jersey Shore" cast explore the streets of Florence. Perchei Sei Qui?

Hard to believe, but there are a few natives of Florence who weren't partial to Seaside Heights' ambassadors to Italy. GTL is gibberish to this narrow societal subset, a "situation" is merely synonymous with a happening, and extra pickles on the side are rarely requested (they don't even suck out the juice first!).

While we could not possibly understand or relate to such heathens, we were interested to learn that they now have the means to communicate directly with the "Jersey Shore" cast should they ever see them again at the Ponte Vecchio or a hole-in-the-wall kebab shop. Take a look at some of the efforts made by, a site that kindly strung together a how-to of Italian-to-Guido dialogue, including ways to inform the eightsome that "Your ancestors are weeping in the afterlife."

Photo: Prahl/Mac/St. Clair/Splash News