Vinny Gives Ronnie Worst Haircut In Guido History [Bonus Scene]

What to do when an ocean separates you and your trusted barber? Give your bald friend a pair of clippers and let him have at a whack at it! Or don't.

In this bonus scene from last night's "Jersey Shore," Ronnie's usually even 'do is lookin' a little ragged. Naturally, Vinny volunteers to help a brother out by divebombing a series of blades into the middle of the big guy's head, leaving a bald spot only curable by a cut-your-losses total head-shave. After several concerted looks of concern and a request for a cup of wine from the kitchen, Ronnie is reborn as Little John the Friar, or "Little Ron."

Vin, we think we can speak for everyone when we say: Keep your day job (incidentally, those pizzas looked delicious).