Rookie 'Coner' Whitney Port Has Her Hands Full [Video]

Whitney Port shopping around Beverly Hills last week with her sister--the accomplice to the coning crime

"The City" saw Whitney Port juggling a fashion line, a tough-as-nails boss (where's Kelly Cutrone been hiding these days anyway?) and a coworker scowly enough to get her to use the b-word, but the up-and-coming designer took to her blog recently to give fans a taste of her newest project: grabbing ice cream cones by the ice cream! W. Eve, you trickster.

On the heels of "planking," "owling" and "horsemaning" trends (to which MTV's Buzzworthy blog made a proud contribution), "coning" was one viral sensation the USC alumna could not pass up. With sister Jade by her side and a fit of jittery giggles before the big moment, Whitney took a deep breath and headed into the abyss...of the McDonald's drive-through window.

Check out this video from and tell us what you think about her ventures into tomfoolery:

Photo: Roshan Perera/Splash News