Snooki Lists Her Gripes About Italy [Video]

Italy may boast stunning architecture, rich history and some of the most famous works of art in the world, but when Snooki first arrived, she couldn't help but notice all the essentials it lacked, such as gorilla juiceheads, walk-in nail salons and orange people. And then there was the issue of the food being too "healthy." Her once-in-a-lifetime trip overseas suddenly became more about survival than crossing off bucket list items and expanding her cultural horizons.

In this video from our recent interview with Snooks, she lists off all the things that she missed about the U.S. (the East Coast, in particular) while shooting Season 4 of "Jersey Shore." She also confides her initial worry about the trip: that should trouble present itself--say, if she were to get into a car crash--her dad wouldn't be nearby to bail her out. Valid concern.

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