Catelynn Has Faith In Carly's Adoptive Parents [Video]

It's been a while since Catelynn and Tyler have seen Carly's adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa, and during tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," the young couple expressed feelings of guilt over their lack of communication with them. Since moving into their own place and getting jobs, they haven't reached out as much as they felt they should, and at Cate's birth mother retreat, she was forced to consider what would happen should Brandon and Teresa ever close the adoption.

Check out a video clip from the latest "Teen Mom After Show," where Cate admits to host SuChin Pak that she and Tyler put the pressure on themselves to sustain a certain level of contact with Carly's family, and even though she was spooked by the fact that open adoptions don't always stay that way, she believes wholeheartedly that Brandon and Teresa will always want them to remain a part of their daughter's life.