Soundtrack Spotlight: Kids Of 88 Fire Up 'Teen Wolf' Formal

The Beacon Hills formal from which Scott McCall was banned, to which he had no date and after which he was almost eighty-sixed by Allison's dad, had at least a single redeeming quality: The music was pretty kick-ass. Right before Peter Hale made a chew toy out of Lydia and Allison found out she'd been getting down with a woodland creature, we were actually bopping our head to the beat (sorry to be so insensitive, ladies--it was that good).

New Zealand export Kids of 88 lent "Just a Little Bit" to the college prep crowd on last night's "Teen Wolf" while Scott watched over Allison from the bleachers. Duo Jordan Arts and Sam McCarthy, whose track just went Gold in NZ, have remixes for Ke$ha and Cobra Starship under their belts to match. Self-described as an "alleyway gang-bang between Grandmaster Flash and The Knack," the Kids have been known to scope out prehistoric synthesizers on eBay to get a track just right or enlist the likes of fur coats as inspiration for squeezing all the juice out of a given hook--the perfect four-piece drum/guitar/synth/vocal hook.

+ Below, get a second listen to what the Beacon Hills kids got down to, and listen to new track "Ribbons of Light" on Kids of 88's official artist page. Going stag never sounded so good.