Sammi Gets Real About Her Boobies On The 'Jersey Shore Hook-Up'

At 11:45 a.m. today, broke some major ground by live-streaming our Season 4 "Jersey Shore Hook-Up" straight from Seaside Heights. The honorable Kenny Santucci led the show, as the entire cast answered questions about last night's hilarious premiere.

Ken wasted no time asking Sammi to spill the truth about her noticeably larger rack, to which she confessed that she double-bra'd it in Italy (yes, that means she wore two bras for extra padding!). All the girls chimed in to talk about their own tips and tricks for recreating voluptuous ta-tas like JWOWW's, but Ronnie put an end to the discussion by saying that "fake boobs feel like volleyballs."

Aside from discovering the correlation between body parts and sand sports, we also learned a little bit about Luigi, the out-of-shape (and out-of-touch) gym rat from Florence. According to the casties, he turned out to be a little bit of a creep--he actually sat behind the girls on the weight bench while they pressed dumbbells!

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