5 Reasons Why Stiles Is The Biggest Badass On 'Teen Wolf'

We're just going to come out and say it: We love Stiles. Even though the "Teen Wolf" funnyman doesn't spend half the show shirtless (although it's never too late to start!), he's had to endure some of the most horrific scenarios in all of Beacon Hills, and he deserves some props for his courage. Props, specifically from Lydia (seriously, girl needs to get the hint).

To carefully make our case, here are some of Stiles' most badass moments:

Saving Scott's Mom: It may not take too much skill to crash a Jeep into a parked car, but it takes a whole lot of balls to purposely rear-end an angry Alpha. Stiles didn't even hesitate about pulling off the stunt for Scott, which should earn him some major friend points.

Stumbling Into the Alpha: The car accident wasn't Stiles first run-in with The Alpha. He was also the one to discover the beast's true identity, and he was cornered in an empty hospital no less. We can't believe he escaped that creepy hallway with all his limbs in place.

Chaining Down Scott During The Full Moon: Getting an agitated cat into its crate is a frightening feat enough, so we were impressed when Stiles handcuffed his enraged buddy to a radiator. Stiles knew that Scott was packing major bite, but not even the threat of a scary set of teeth marks could stop him from being a hero.

Spending The Night In School With The Alpha: Stiles' bravery peaked after he survived an unwanted sleepover with The Alpha. He took control several times, even building up the bravado to taunt the captured beast.

Paying A Visit To A Haunted Lydia: Stiles never has a problem doing the tough, scary stuff, but when it comes to interacting with girls he freezes up. That's why it was endearing to see him visit Lydia after she witnessed the video store attack. Baby steps, Stiles. You'll get there.

+ That's quite an impressive list of bravery for a 16-year-old dude, so isn't it about time for Stiles to get rewarded for constantly putting his butt on the line (Lyd, you listening?). Let us know if you agree!