Go Inside The 'Jersey Shore' Cast's Italy Digs [Photos]

When the "Jersey Shore" cast found out that they'd be shooting their fourth season of the series in Italy, they didn't think their luck could get much better. But then they stepped through the doors of their palatial home right in the heart of Florence, and they realized they were the true Chosen People. Moses (or probably even Adam Sandler, for that matter) never had a lair like this one!

Take a look at some pics of the gang's fully furnished four-bedroom property overlooking the historical Duomo. Not too shabby compared with their plumbing-impaired rental home in Seaside Heights, right? Amenities include:

Indoor Jacuzzi that comfortably fits two couples (and one lonesome grenade squished up against a corner jet).

Outdoor deck fully equipped with multiple ashtrays, clean laundry clothespins and prime access to UV rays. Also boasts great acoustics for Grenade Whistle-blowing.

Smush Room that features romantic lighting, poetic wall art, sturdy headboard and easily reachable bedside drawer.

Gigando bathroom with exhibitionist-friendly tub and communal bidet (yes, that's the thing that washes your junk).

Spacious kitchen perfect for family dining and late-night catfights.

+ Tune in for the "Jersey Shore" premiere this Thursday at 10/9c to check out the rest of this pristine Italy estate...and to see what gets destroyed first.

Photos: PictureGroup