That's What You Said...About Sammi And Ronnie's Crazy Relationship

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This week, one of the more comment-provoking stories on Remote Control focused on Sammi and Ronnie's cyclical breakup-to-makeup relationship. We broke down their fighting patterns, and "Jersey Shore" fans had more than a lot to say about the twosome's troubled quarreling. Here are a few of the comments:

Remote Control:

"I absolutely love this show. I am about to graduate college, so you'd think I'd be all into reading scholarly journals and dissertations. The one thing I can't stand is Sam and Ron. I just want to smack Sammi every time she says "I'm DONE!" There should be a drinking game dedicated to that statement. Every time she says it, take a shot. We'd all be drunk in the first 10 minutes." -- Miss Alex

"I only watch the show for Ron and Sam. Their relationship can be volatile, but they love each other so much." -- Royal

"Those two should've never hooked up and just stayed friends. They'd be enjoying their lives much more right now. Instead, they are too busy arguing and fighting over the most childish things. They fight more than my kids do. Good Lord. -- Olivia Muralles


"Sammi and Ronnie: Lather, Rinse, Repeat your BS! This is a perfect example of a WRONG couple.?" -- Ericka C.?

"I think you all love each other and you started off backwards as a couple but it is obvious you love each other. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks! I hope it works out for you guys long-term and you get passed all the petty drama!?" -- Carolyn G.?

?"No relationship is perfect, but they will never even come close to having an okay one...BREAK UP ALREADY! How much can anyone take?" -- Lisa C.

+ All of these viewers feel very passionately about SamRon's future. Do YOU still think they have a shot at happily ever after, or are they simply doomed for endless drama? Let's keep the convo going!