MTV Twitter Roundup: Mandi Calls Her Co-Star Fat, Laurel Responds With Pix

Girl fights are the worst, unless, of course, you're not directly involved and can somehow manage to score a bucket of popcorn and a plush recliner to watch said brawl unfold. So which two ladies are having a hard time getting along? Well, if you caught this week's episode of "The Challenge: Rivals," then you saw Mandi throw a fit when her former boy toy, CT, left her for Laurel. Caught in the heat of the moment, Mandi called Laurel heavy (well, she said that she weighed 200 pounds), so Laurel took to Twitter this morning to prove just how inaccurate the claim was. The proof is in the pudding, Mandi!

And just to back the presumably offended brunette up a little further, Cara Maria demonstrated where her allegiance lies. Teammates stick together, especially when one uploads semi-nakey pics of themselves.

Check out the Challengers' and other MTV stars' tweets below:

Photo courtesy of @laurelstucky