5 Unglamorous Things About Living In The 'Rivals' House

The "Challenge" cast makes living and playing in Costa Rica seem pretty desirable--there's a beautiful pool, beautiful pad and beautiful women who have a penchant for taking their clothes off and making out--but believe it or not, living there also has a downside. In case you don't believe us, we put together a list of the not-so-nice things these players have to deal with on a daily basis. Pity them...or don't.

Bunk Beds: You'd think that with the sweet setup they have in lush Costa Rica, the bedrooms would be pretty banging. Instead, it's like they're at sleepaway camp. Don't get us wrong--summer camp was great...when we were 12. Today, the idea of bunking up in a big room just sounds like a breach of privacy, especially when you are trying to get some "cuddle" time with a castmate.

Belly Flops: This year's "Challenge" creators must be mermaids, because they have a serious thing for water. Almost every challenge has involved getting wet and climbing high, which has led to some nasty falls. Remember Mike's terrible spill? Ouch!

Broken Glass: After several weeks of living on top of each other, it's no surprise that the players all get stressed...but some get violent. Usually, said angry person goes on a rampage and breaks whatever household item is closest. It's about time they decorate the living quarters with plastic!

Backstabbing: This challenge is called "Rivals" for a reason: All of the players have at least one person they aren't happy with in the house. There are grudges to be settled and there is revenge to be had, and that can lead to some dirty play. Just ask Nehemiah.

Bugs: You know what you can usually find in a big, tropical forest? Big, tropical bugs. Evan gave us a sneak peek at the creepy crawlers that also call the "Challenge" pad home. We're sure these aren't the kind of bed partners the players were hoping for.

Now that you know all the unglamorous things that make up "Challenge" life, would you still be interested in giving the games a go? Is there one thing that would prevent you from joining the competition? Sound off in the comments!