Jenna Gets An Invite To An 'In Crowd' Party [Sneak Peek]

Are casts and arm slings the gateway to popularity? That's the way it's been playing out for Jenna! She's been flying up the social ranks since her majorly awkward accident in the loo--even her longtime her crush, Matty, is totally swooning. And despite Sadie's nasty attempts at taking her down (73 percent of you think Jenna needs to seek revenge), she's managed to stay true to herself.

Check out this sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode, where our accident-prone anti-heroine gets invited to an "in crowd" party. She's trying to decide whether to make a statement by showing up with her new boy toy, or if she wants to play it cool and go stag. Both her mom and Tamara are super excited for her, and so are we, but...things with Jenna always have the potential to get, you know, awkward.