'The Miz' Weighs In On Snooki's Springtime WWE Victory [Video]

Mike Mizanin and Nicole Polizzi--or, 'The Miz' and 'Snooki'--showing off their WWE chops.

Back in April, pint-size punisher Snooki put a monthlong dispute with WWE's LayCool to rest when she delivered on a promise to whoop some ass at WrestleMania. With a pair of brass knuckle-emblazoned Ugg boots, fingerless gloves and two 6-plus-foot-tall brunette bookends, Snooki flew, flipped and "f*** you"'d her way to what we can only assume is the first victory for an under-5-footer.

And while the guidette from Marlboro, New York, did MTV proud, her trip to the ring was certainly not the network's first. If you'll recall, a teenage frat boy from Ohio first featured on "Real World" went on to become a WWE superstar with a fan base akin to a sweaty, trash-talking religion. He was the first, he is the best and he doesn't want you to forget it.

Take a look at what Mike "The Miz" Mizanin had to say about Snooki's 1-0 record in the ring after his guest-host spot on Wednesday night's "Rivals" After Show. It seems Snooks gave The Miz some luck, as minutes after the ref threw her arm into the air, Mike took home WrestleMania's big, bad belt.

A future tag team? Mike, we'll put in a good word.

Photos courtesy of WWE