Shore Store Boss Raves About Business: It's Like 'Cheers'

Danny, Snooki and Deena at the Shore Store.

Remember Danny, the owner of the Shore Store and the landlord of the Seaside Heights mini-mansion? He has a very interesting relationship with the "Jersey Shore" cast, who've managed to successfully bust his balls in a variety of ways since their first day at work. For one, they've proven to be terrible employees (that's not debatable: Mike once took a nap inside the dressing room), and they've majorly screwed up his plumbing ("guinea tee" anyone?)! And here's the ultimate kick in the sazeech--during Season 1, Vinny stole his girlfriend! But, according to an interview on, Danny only sees how the wild Shore kids have changed his life for the better.

"The show did wonders for the small businesses in this town; everyone is happy because they are making more money," he said. Despite having to relocate after the first season aired (people were knocking on his door at all hours of the night!), he's still incredibly grateful. "The show has made my store into a landmark; it is like the show 'Cheers.' " Yes, Danny, it's just like that.