Are Paula And Mike The Next 'Rivals' Couple?

When Adam ran down the list of players getting touchy-feely with each other in the "Rivals" house (aww, doncha lurve how he mentioned him and Jenn first?), he skipped over two people that seem to have really taken a liking to each other lately. We're talking about Mike and Paula, admittedly one of the most unpredictable hookup pairings we've ever seen on a Challenge. Not only has she hoovered a body shot off of him (clue No. 1), but tonight, Mike backed that a** up and gave her a reverse lap dance (definitely clue No. 2).

+ Think Paula and Mike could be the next Costa Rican "it" couple, or are they just flirting out of boredom? Take the poll and weigh in!

Do you think Mike and Paula have something going on?

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