'Rivals' Poll: Mandi Claims She Wasn't Hurt By CT...Is She Lying?

Two. That's the number of seconds it took for Mandi to size up the flirtation situation between CT and Laurel. It took much longer for her to berate Laurel for being a "whore."

During tonight's episode of "Rivals," Mandi did her very best to drown her jealously in a glass of white wine, but as soon as she had legitimate evidence that she'd been dumped, she turned beet red and couldn't hold back the slurry insults. It's understandable that she was upset--CT later said he "regretted" hooking up with her--but she pretended not to give two s**ts.

So does Mandi have any negative feelings now that the the competition is over? According to a clip from our Backstage Pass cast interviews, the answer is no. She says that she never expected anything serious to come from it and just wanted to have fun. But do you believe her? Watch the video below, then take the poll and let us know if you think she's faking the funk.

Think Mandi was hurt by CT?

  • Of course she was!
  • Nah, Mandi's tougher than that.