Exclusive Interview With Ex-Challenger And WWE Star 'The Miz'

Mike Mizanin in 2001's "Real World: Back To New York" and as the host of MTV's "Rivals" after show in 2011.

It's hard to believe it was more than a decade ago when Mike Mizanin--a naive, 19-year-old Midwesterner--first crossed our TV screens as the token frat boy on "Real World: Back To New York," only the 10th season of the series. Mike pissed off Coral (his eventual partner-in-crime) within 24 hours over race generalizations, became buddy-buddy with cancer-survivor Kevin and was mocked daily by all of his roommates about his dream to be a WWE (then, WWF) superstar.

Thing is, that very dream came true. All those who laughed can eat it!

Now 30, Mizanin, or "The Miz," is a staple of WWE's "Monday Night Raw" and a champion many times over of the organization's various franchises. "ARE YOU READY?!" has been replaced by "I'm the Miz and I'm awesome!" as a battle cry, and throngs of fans chant his name. But the fame hasn't gotten to his head--in fact, he admitted to us backstage at the "Rivals: After Show" taping that he misses his days of competing on MTV. The guy was pretty damn good at these games, after all--he made it to the end of every Challenge except one!

Check out the below video clips from MTV.com's exclusive interview with "The Miz" to get his take on how "The Challenge" has changed over the years and why he's so awesome.

Mike's take on making "Challenge" alliances:

What he misses most about MTV:

Neck-breaking, body-slamming dreams can come true: