Sadie Sure Is A Byotch! But Is She Worse Than These 5 Mean Girls?

If you haven't fallen victim to some sort of bullying in high school, then consider yourself extraordinarily lucky (like, lottery-winner lucky). As we all know, Jenna from "Awkward" is extraordinarily unlucky, so it's no surprise that her teenage torturer, Sadie, is perhaps one of the meanest girls in TV history. In honor of Jenna's unfortunate predicament, we've rounded up some more of these c-words ("c" as in "cowards," of course) and fully encourage you to throw darts at their pictures.

Character: Libby Chesler

Show: "Sabrina The Teenage Witch"

Why She's A Byotch: Can't ya just smell the condescension? If she wasn't calling Sabrina a "freak" and breaking mirrors with that hyena inflection, she was beating us over the head with the fact that she was a cheerleader, tripping a nerd with a bowl full of chili on his lunch tray or plotting to steal Harvey away from the beloved teenage witch. She deserved the Goody Proctor treatment.

Character: Paris Geller

Show: "Gilmore Girls"

Why She's A Byotch: Before she actually became likable, Paris competed with Rory for both grades and guys at Chilton Academy, which often forced her to behave in a ruthless manner. She was the epitome of nasty, and yet somehow managed to later soften up and befriend Rory.

Character: Robin Pretnar

Show: "Hard Times Of RJ Berger"

Why She's A Byotch: Robin not only turned on her best friend, Jenny Swanson, by stealing her boyfriend, but she took her nastiness up a notch when she tampered with Jenny's face wash, causing her to break out with horrible pimples. How Cady Heron of her!

Character: Kate Sanders

Show: "Lizzie McGuire"

Why She's A Byotch: Not unlike Sadie, Kate took each opportunity she had to tell everyone in earshot how small Lizzie's boobs were. The cheerleader (aren't they all?) dated Ethan, the object of Lizzie's affection, and while she and the Duffster made friends for a quick second during a team project on Eastern Europe, the ceasefire was short-lived.

Character: Angelica Pickles

Show: "Rugrats"

Why She's A Byotch: Angelica batted her eyelashes at nearby adults and battered the babies around her with the blunt sides of old toys. Manipulative, selfish and bigheaded in every sense, this playgroup ringleader wouldn't give you a bite of her Reptar Bar if she'd found you starving.

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