Snooki And JWOWW: The Prettiest BFFs On Television [Photos]

Ever since "Jersey Shore" first premiered on MTV, we've been using words such as "sexy" and "voluptuous" (and "psycho," but that's not relevant right now) to refer to its female casties--in fact, that's how all media outlets describe them. 'Course, we're not mad at it--our colorful guidettes have enviable curves that literally stop traffic wherever they go--the thing is, these new pics just came in of JWOWW and Snooki posing together on a rooftop in Florence, and we can't help but notice just how "pretty," "carefree" and "confident" they look. (And holy crap, just how much taller JWOWW is than Snooki--but again, irrelevant.) Sure, with their puckered lips, sultry stares and buoyant bubbies, they're still as sexy ever, but we just felt the need to point out some of their other awesome traits.

+ Take a look at the fun new photos of the "Jersey Shore" BFFs hamming it up in Italy, plus check out's entire flipbook from the Season 4 shoot in Italy.

Photos: Ian Spanier