Evan Originally Denied Any Rivalry With Nehemiah [Video]

Shiz got so bad between so-called "teammates" Evan and Nehemiah on tonight's "Rivals" that the two actually stopped talking to each other (well, except when Nehemiah announced that Evan was the biggest "bitch" in the game). Evan in particular really ran with the silent treatment when he decided not to inform his partner of his plan to throw the upcoming challenge.

In The Jungle, the damned duo's lack of communication and drive got them sent home, prompting a watery eye from Kenny and half-assed apology to Nehemiah the cameraman from Evan. Their fate as official mortal enemies was sealed. But, hey, at least their utter disdain for one another was completely out in the open now, because when the guys first landed in Costa Rica, Evan actually denied ever having a problem with his partner! Check out the interview, which starts off rather friendly but quickly devolves into a petty, eye-contact absent disagreement, hinting at a very tough road ahead for them.

Moving on.... We've got even more video of this very odd couple's uncontained irritation!

Tonight, after hours of scheming, arguing and talking behind each other's back, Evhemiah were finally released from one another's presence, though little did they know they'd have to face each other again at one of MTV's after show tapings. Take a look at what went down on stage when ex-challenger and current WWE star The Miz put them both on the spot, then watch the below clips from our backstage interviews, where they each continue to talk trash. Boys: Give it a rest already!