A Fond Look Back At 'Jersey Shore' Job Screwups

As much as they love to party, the "Jersey Shore" cast has never gotten a free ride. MTV always lines up a job for them where they're filming, and during their upcoming tenure in Florence, they'll be making pizzas to earn some big money cab fare. We can already smell the burnt crust!

If their work ethic hawking T-shirts or gelato serves as any indication, it's entirely possible that slices and whole pies alike will somehow emerge from the oven as peaches or dried kale. These guys are not exactly stellar employees, and a shift's end does not commonly follow a hard day's work. Think more along the lines of mixed drinks during lunch breaks, nap time in the break room and fights in front of customers. No judgment here--that's eight fewer people we all have to compete against in an economic downturn.

The new season of "Jersey Shore" premieres Aug. 4 at 10/9c, but before a new boss, different schedule and more tasks left uncompleted come into the picture, we invite you to take a look at some highlights from the cast's previous day jobs.

Check out the flipbook here: A 'Jersey Shore' Employment Retrospective.