Catelynn's Fearful Of Continuing Mother-Daughter Counseling [Video]

Catelynn has always had a tumultuous relationship with her mother, April, but over the course of three seasons, their communication has improved in small increments. On tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," the two made perhaps their most-important breakthrough yet when Cate successfully convinced her mom to attend family counseling. During their session, April admitted that watching her daughter form an adoption plan for Carly made her feel like an outsider and that she never really recovered from it.

Catelynn and April seemed to really benefit from therapy, but according to this clip from our latest "Teen Mom After Show," they never actually returned. In the video, SuChin Pak--along with a special guest audience of other young moms--encourages Catelynn to revisit the idea. Watch it now, then take our poll to share your own opinion: Should Catelynn and April give professional help another shot?

Should Catelynn keep going to therapy with April?

  • No, she's clearly not ready to return.
  • Yes, it will help them communicate better.