Soundtrack Spotlight: Matthew Mayfield Underscores Amber's Heartache

Amber and Gary climbed into a friend's red pickup truck on Tuesday night's episode of "Teen Mom" and headed to the police station. The ride was fittingly somber considering the possibility of Amber having to face fines, jail time or even separation from Leah. By the time the former couple arrived, the words of 27-year-old singer/songwriter Matthew Mayfield rang out around them: "Come back, come home to me."

To say Mayfield has been fighting his way into music would be as understated as calling Gary and Amber's relationship tumult a shame. Since he was 9, the "Come Home" singer was determined to get into rock and roll after hearing Slash and Guns N' Roses for the first time. And, though a big-time contract with Epic Records in 2005 seemed like the break he had hoped for, Mayfield ultimately watched the deal fall apart around him.

After deciding to go about things his own way--playing in bars for beers and chump change--Mayfield released his first EP, The Fire, and clawed his way back into the industry. Seven subsequent EPs later, he'd reached the No. 1 spot on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart a handful of times.

Mayfield says Now You're Free, his first full-length album that was released in April, is everything he wanted it to be. Take a listen to "Now You're Free" for yourself and tell us if you think it was worth the long, long wait. (We do!)

Photo: Cary Norton