'Awkward.' Poll: Should Jenna Get Revenge On Sadie?

Valerie might possibly be the worst guidance counselor in high school history considering that she couldn't muster up the courage to punish Sadie for mass-texting photos of Jenna's shrinking bosom. Hasn't the girl already suffered enough? All of her peers think she's suicidal, plus, during tonight's episode of "Awkward," she managed to dislocate her shoulder just after getting that horrendous cast removed. Did Sadie really need to turn up the heat on her bullying and blast out the pic?

Fortunately, things ended on a positive note for Jenna when her crush, Matty, showed up at her house to apologize for making fun of her A cups (and to get a little cozy!). But that doesn't mean she should forget about what Sadie did to her, does it?

+ Vote in the poll whether Jenna should take the high road and blow off Sadie's evilness or put together a revenge scheme, then check out the bonus video below, where Sadie goes on a hostile rant about the cerebral pains of enduring anger-management therapy. (She should probably continue going.)

Should Jenna get revenge on Sadie?

  • No, Jenna's way too good to stoop to her level.
  • Yes, Sadie needs to be taken down!