'Awkward.' Cast Cringes Through Memories Of High School

You accidentally confessed your new crush over the schoolwide PA system? You spilled your plate of the cafeteria's Sloppy Joe Surprise all over your white jeans? Say no more. The cast of "Awkward."--like each homeroom during Monday morning's announcements--hears your pain loud and clear.

While Jenna's routine gym-class change of clothes resulted in porn for her classmates on tonight's episode, the moment is but a needle in a haystack as far as the hierarchy of embarrassing teenage blunders are concerned. From misguided Valentine's Day chocolates to an untimely voice change, here are the seriously cringeworthy stories of Jillian Reed, Brett Davern and Molly Tarlov.

Jillian hitched the wrong ride:

Brett couldn't hit his high note:

Molly made moves on an older man...who had zilch interest: