'Jersey Shore Season 3 Uncensored DVD' Now Available!

Everybody has a favorite moment from Season 3 of "Jersey Shore." If you're into the kinky stuff, it's probably when JWOWW dressed up as a dominatrix for Roger...are we right?

What if we were to tell you there were a bunch of other scandy moments--perhaps even scandier--that never made it to air, and that MTV is finally releasing them to the public? You'd do a fist pump, wouldn't ya? Well, pump away, people.

The "Jersey Shore Season 3 Uncensored DVD" just hit shelves, and it includes all 13 uncensored episodes, plus these special features:

-Reunion special

-After Shows

-Behind-the-scenes content from the photo shoot

-Extended scenes



Want it? Ask and you shall receive. Get your "Jersey Shore Season 3 Uncensored DVD" now!