Maci Confesses That She Sacrificed Her Education For Kyle [Video]

What happened to the Maci who used to be so determined to get her college degree? The young woman who had career aspirations beyond being a mother? She seemed to be hiding under Bentley's blankie during tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," where we got a glimpse of how priorities can quickly shift when juggling parenthood, school and a serious relationship. Often with that much on a person's plate, something's gotta give, and it looks as if the load Maci's chosen to lift is her education.

SuChin Pak confronted Maci on our latest "Teen Mom After Show" about why her motivation to learn had stalled out, and the normally practical cast member admitted that she was focusing so much time on making things right with Kyle that her classes lost importance. While she doesn't regret the energy she put into forming a happy, healthy relationship with him, she does wish that her studying didn't suffer for it. Check out a video clip from the after show, in which she explains how college ended up taking a backseat in her hectic life.