5 Jackson-Inspired Tips For Picking Up The Ladies

Jackson has made it clear that he's hungry to become a werewolf, but the dude has plenty of power on his own. Even without claws, heightened senses and mega-strength, he's managed to become the most desirable guy at Beacon Hills High. In fact, the "Teen Wolf" stud has his own trademark moves that he uses to pick up the ladies--no lacrosse skills required. So while we all can't be like Jackson, we can certainly learn to flirt like him. If you wanna pick up a chick, follow these 5 tips.

1. Dump Your Girlfriend: Save yourself the drama and don't try to juggle two ladies at once. If you're tied down but find yourself drooling over someone else, lose the baggage ASAP. Keep the breakup short and public so word will travel quickly.

2. Don't Skip Lunch: Not everyone gives lunch the respect it deserves, but Jackson's figured out that this midday meal offers plenty of flirting opportunities. It allows for personal chats, excuses to touch someone's lips, a platform to make other guys jealous and, well, eating. Way to go, lunch!

3. Get In Some Pool Time: Not all of us have large, romantic bodies of water nearby to frolic in, and neither does Jackson. But this jock is crafty, so he utilizes the next best thing: a swimming pool. A chlorine dip gives you and your crush an excuse to strip while still getting school credit. We're sure Jackson and his awesome abs knew just what they were doing when he invited Allison for a few laps.

4. Play the Good Guy: Who cares if you just dumped your girlfriend with two sentences in the middle of school? It was necessary! But it's equally as important that the girl you're chasing after thinks you're good-hearted. Be sure to tell your flirt-target all the warm and fuzzy things she wants to hear. Start with, "You're the prettiest girl I've ever known, but your personality is what attracts me the most."

5. Be a Protector: That bod isn't just for show, right? Throw your weight around and let this chick know you can be her Knight in Shining Armor, but don't be afraid to flex those emotional muscles, too. Remember, this whole Jackson and Allison affair started with a simple "be careful" conversation, not with him rescuing her from a burning building. Just pretend like you're going to save her...and hope that you won't actually have to.

+ So what do you think of Jackson's game? Would these moves work in real life? Sound off in the comments!