'Teen Wolf' Poll: Should Scott Help Jackson Become A Werewolf?

For most people, turning into a werewolf is as attractive an idea as getting mononucleosis (aka the "kissing disease") their freshman year in college or having an IBS flare-up during a first date. But not for Jackson--all he sees are Scott's enviable vertical jump and fast-twitch muscles dancing around the lacrosse field. The former star of the field wants in, even if it means living a life of fear, where hiding from the Argent family's bullets becomes a normal Friday night affair.

+ Jackson demanded that Scott turn him into a werewolf within three days, and that if he didn't, he would tell Allison the truth about everything. Should Scott help Jackson fulfill this fantasy? Take the poll and weigh in!

Should Scott help Jackson become a werewolf?

  • No way, Jackson's confused.
  • Sure, if that's what he really wants.