Asthma Alert! 'Teen Wolf' Moments That Took Our Breath Away (Ep. 9)

After watching the heart-pumping premiere of "Teen Wolf," we decided to kick off a recurring feature called Asthma Alert. Every week, we'll sift through the nail-biting moments and highlight key scenes that literally took our breath away. Grab your inhaler and let's talk about Episode 9.

1. Professor Harris Faces The Alpha

During tonight's opening scene, the seemingly shady faculty member discovered a mysterious handwritten note in his lab. Just as he made sense out of it, The Alpha appeared behind him and demanded he turn around.

2. Jackson Dreams That His Doctor Is Butchering Him

While getting his neck checked out, Jackson drifted off to sleep and had a nightmare about a wolfsbane plant being yanked out of his squirming body. Even though Jack's real-life physician said he was fine, he diagnosed him with aconite poisoning, which had to have come from Derek.

3. Allison Goes Snooping In Derek's House

At the tail end of her jog, Allison spotted Derek's crumbling crib and immediately went inside to find clues about his supposed killing spree. She spotted scratches in the floorboards, but before she could really figure anything else out, her aunt popped up to spook her out of the search.

4. The Alpha's Identity Is Revealed

Stiles cracked the case! After darting into the hospital to try and track down Scott's mom, he ran right into Peter Hale, who was not only alert and out of bed, but proved to be The Alpha Wolf!

+ What was your favorite nerve-racking moment of the night? Sound off in the comments and let us know what got your adrenaline pumping, plus check out MTV News' 60-second video recap below!