'Awkward.' Lesson Learned: Always Flash In Heavy Foot Traffic

The sting of schoolwide scorn had set in: A locker room photo of Jenna Hamilton's boobs went viral and her longtime crush Matty publicly lamented the state of her training-size ta-tas. With the exception of her de-mummification, things were just not looking up for J-Ham or her particularly curvy bang swoop.

That is, until she referred to the letter... The one that called her gross, stupid and a coward. The one that mattered most.

In Episode 2 of "Awkward," the anonymous "Carefrontation" note Jenna had been holding on to since the end of camp kindly encouraged her to "Pull your head out of your ass and stand out." And that is precisely what she did, for better or for worse. It may have immediately amounted to more exhibition than statement-making, but hey, our antiheroine got her hero and the goodnight kiss she'd been waiting for.

+ Tell us what you think. Was Jenna's hallway striptease just what she needed to emerge from the vice grip of Sadie Saxton, the peddler of porn? Or should she have taken the high road and kept her rack under wraps?