Adam Caves, Finally Admits That He And CT Are Friends [Bonus Scene]

Even though CT and Adam have the entire "Rivals" house shaking in their Under Armor, Adam just can't seem to forgive his teammate for knocking him down and screaming "I will smash his head and eat it" during "The Duel 2." The kid has a point--that would be kind of hard to forget--but that whole idiotic dispute was many moons ago, and now that they're working together, isn't it time for these two to bury the hatchet? CT thinks so.

Check out this bonus scene from the latest episode, where CT makes fun of his partner's whitewater rafting skills and nudges him to admit they're buddies. Adam's all out of excuses and has no choice but to give in. He mutters that they're friends by default, which is good enough for CT.