Deena Nicole Ain't Afraid To Flash Her Tush [Photos]

Deena Nicole quite possibly has the most unpredictable fashion sense of all the "Jersey Shore" casties. Whether she's dropping jaws in a cleave-enhancing denim romper or partying in an X-rated bridal veil, we're always surprised (and humored) by what the Team Meatball cutie is willing to wear in public. But there's one thing we've actually gotten used to seeing her sport ever since we met her in Season 3, and that's some bare tush.

On Friday, she and "Jersey Shore" housemate Snooki spent some playtime on the Seaside Heights boardwalk, starting up a two-person dance party in the "rear" view of restaurant-goers. While they were getting their collective groove on, Deena's Shore Store tank dress--possibly feeling ignored--challenged the blast-in-a-glass' booty to a duel. The winner of this fight for attention is on display above, though somewhat shrouded by a necessary censor (butt cheeks are one thing, but...).

Also pictured is Deena's fanny being touristy in Florence; just one of many other chuckle-inducing moments in which her underjunk eclipsed her clothing. Hey, ya gotta love a lady who happily welcomes a wedgie!

Photos: Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News, Splash News