5 Familiar Faces Who've Taken Awkward Spills

For any teenager trying to climb their way up the popularity ranks, a ridiculous-looking arm cast/neck brace combo might hinder their progress. But not for miss Jenna Hamilton, who bravely shrugged off the gossip that she tried to off herself and actually seemed to gain friends because of her new visibility.

In honor of the "Awkward" antiheroine's ability to prove that hideous orthopedic bandages don't have to bring about social suicide (sorry, we had to), we've listed 5 other TV personalities that have worn their injuries with pride.


"The Hard Times of RJ Berger"

After getting pummeled by the Pinkerton High bus at the end of Season 1, Lily recovered from her accident and returned to campus with a wobbly set of walking canes. But Lil never let the fact that her body was broken in nine places hold her back--she quickly found herself on the receiving end of a generous settlement, and later, even got a boyfriend!


"30 Rock"

During Season 3, Jenna faked a set injury to guilt Liz into thinking she was an irresponsible friend (Liz knew that the accident was possible but chose not to do anything about it). Liz believed Jenna's story and allowed the actress to even the score by sharing some top-secret (and totally humiliating) information about her with the staff. Apparently, Liz got her big entertainment break as an actress in a local phone sex hotline commercial!


"The Office"

While attempting to serve himself breakfast in bed, Michael set his George Foreman on his bedroom floor. The plan, he explained, was to wake up and toss the bacon on the grill, then head back under the covers until the smell of crackling pig fat woke him up. It sounded like a great idea, until he forgot it was on and wound up frying his foot. After hopping into work, he created his own pathetic (and probably unnecessary) DIY cast out of bubble wrap.


"16 Candles"

Joan Cusack played one of the most archetypal awkward TV characters of all time as Geek Girl #1 in John Hughes' cult classic "16 Candles." Her nerd-o-meter was on full blast during this flick, as her hilariously obtrusive chin/neck/back brace prevented her from doing everyday things, like drinking water from a fountain.


Upon returning from a whirlwind tour promoting "Water for Elephants" earlier this year, Reese showed up in the States with a mysterious soft cast around her foot. Reports later confirmed that the actress twisted her ankle, but she never let it slow her down. In fact, she actually fit in perfectly hobbling around Hollyweird!