'Teen Wolf' Star Crystal Reed Spotted...Everywhere [Photos]

Crystal Reed posing for photogs at the "Teen Wolf" premiere in Los Angeles.

Lately Allison Argent has been facing some troubled times in Beacon Hills, but the actress who plays the "Teen Wolf" beauty is livin' it up on red carpets across Tinseltown. From premieres to award shows, Crystal Reed has been lending her smile to many-a-frame, and people are noticing. Top hat, jumpsuit, Hello Kitty headband--each has been featured in the press during the past few months.

With a Teen Choice Award possibly on the horizon for this burgeoning teen sensation, we decided to compile a photo gallery of Crystal Reed's recent star-studded outings--and there sure are a lot of them! Now all she needs to become an official A-Lister is a sordid love triangle or tax evasion rumor.

Take a look at the flipbook of Crystal Reed Spotted...Everywhere.

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images