Vote 'Jersey Shore,' 'Real World' And 'Teen Wolf' Your 'Choice'!

Emmy shmemmy. If we had our way, you'd be able to ride every prestigious TV trophy through a series of riptides. We are, of course, referring to the surfboards handed out to winners at each year's "Teen Choice Awards."

From Choice Country Music to Choice Female Hottie categories, the nominations for the most widely anticipated awards show exclusively for teens (and those who act like them) has shown our MTV giants plenty of love. Among them, juggernaut "Jersey Shore" for Choice Reality Show and Snooki, "The Situation" and Pauly D for Favorite Reality/Variety Stars. Not to be outdone was "Real World: Las Vegas," the 25th go-around for the series, which was also nominated for Choice Reality Show.

And while "Teen Wolf" is barely halfway through its first season, Crystal Reed took a nomination for Choice TV Actress for her portrayal of Allison. If only the Alpha Wolf's identity came as easily...

So, cast your vote, even if you're not in the exact age bracket. It's time to knock Anna Paquin and The Kardashians down a peg or two!

Photos (L-R): Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images, Jason Merritt/Getty Images