'Awkward.' Poll: Does Jenna Have A Shot With Matty?

Figuring out how to handle your first major crush is tough--you want your prospective suitor to return the feelings, but you also don't want to throw yourself at him in desperation. For Jenna Hamilton, discovering that balance has been difficult.

During tonight's series premiere of "Awkward," Jenna happily found herself locked in a utility closet with her longtime love-from-afar, Matty McKibben. Convincing herself quickly (and somewhat irrationally) that the best plan of action was to have sex with him next to a bottle of Pine-Sol, she totally went for it.

Unfortunately, no teen romance is complete without some unforeseen rejection, and with his glow necklace still beaming from their post-romp sesh, Matty uttered the worst conceivable thing: "Nobody can know that I like you." Ugh, dagger to her heart!

+ Despite Matty's kick in the gut, the episode didn't necessarily end on a bad note for Jenna, because for the first time, everyone at school noticed her (well, they noticed her arm cast at least). Think her newfound popularity will bring Matty's attention back (he did friend request her, after all)? Take the poll and let us know your prediction!

Does Jenna have a shot at dating Matty?

  • Yes, he's totally into her.
  • No way, she already slept with him!