New Trailer! The 'Jersey Shore' Gang Takes Italy By Thunderstorm

Tonight marks a very confusing yet noteworthy event in the history of Remote Control: We have writer's block.

As you well know, we usually have a zillion-and-one things to say--ranging from the exclamation point-heavy to the dry and sarcastic--about, well, everything, but after watching the Season 4 trailer of "Jersey Shore" below, we find ourselves dumbfounded and temporarily mute. Our brain is no longer sending signals to our fingertips. Our mind is so overstimulated with scandalous images and naughty sound bites that we truly have no idea how to describe it all. How can one blog post encapsulate the seriously messed up goings-on depicted in this trailer? Inconceivable! Must. Lie. Down.

Please watch the video clip already so we can attempt to calm the voices in our head (specifically, Snooki saying "vagina" and "douche" in the same breath). Though you may want to consider waiting 'til the weekend if your job entails blogging and/or operating heavy machinery.