VIDEO: Watch The Premiere Of 'Awkward.' Before It Airs On MTV!

For many socially challenged adolescents, sleepaway camp can serve as a safe refuge that's free from the judgment and ridicule felt during the academic year (or at the very least, the cliques are different, so anyone has a second shot at being "cool"). And for MTV's "Awkward" anti-heroine, Jenna, her summer experience proves to be life-changing when she loses her V-Card to her longtime crush, Matty, and returns to school as a visible member of the student body! Unfortch, her new seat in the spotlight is due to a shocking (and untrue) suicide rumor spreading like wildfire, as well as an arm cast that could double as a lacrosse stick.

+ Can't wait for the series to start? Well, we've got a gift for ya. Before the premiere airs on MTV tomorrow night (11/10c), g'head and watch it now, right on Remote Control!