PHOTO: 'The Sitch' Blasts Some Tunes To Help Him Sashay

It's not as if "The Situation" has EVER felt shy around a camera or needed any modeling direction. The guy NEVER walks away from a photo opp--especially if he's shirtless or in the mood for love--but at our recent "Jersey Shore" cast shoot in Italy, the outrageous MTV personality requested to get a little music pumping to boost his energy and channel his exhibitionist magic.

Pictured above is Mike fiddling with his iPod and travel-size speaker before he took his place in front of our professional photog. In true Sitch fashion, he went all "fresh to death" with the finger-point poses and "who me?" facial expressions, and of course the six-pack made a strong showing. RuPaul would have been so proud.

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