'True Life' Check-In: Kevin Started A Ministry Program

Tonight's "True Life" explored the stories of Kevin and Melanie, two young adults who changed their sexual identities because of the pressure they felt from their families. We had an opportunity to check in with them to find out how they've been progressing since we stopped taping--take a look at the follow-up Q&As below:


Are you dating men or women right now?

Since the show I haven't been dating that much. School and work consume most of my time, but when I do date, it's with men only. I am interested in dating women, I just haven't positioned myself to do so.

How is your relationship with your mother lately?

Our relationship has gotten so much better since the show, maybe because it gave us both a safe environment to speak our true feelings and the chance to not only talk about it, but to listen to one another.

Do you feel bad about how things went with Reinaldo?

Reinaldo and I are no longer friends, but there are no hard feelings; it was time for us both to move on. I wish and hope nothing but the best for him.

Did you enjoy filming with MTV?

At times it was unnerving because I feared how viewers would see me. So many people knew about the taping and it made me pretty well-known in my community. I thank MTV for giving me this opportunity to tell my story as best as I could.


How is life treating you since filming ended?

Life has been amazing! I am starting a ministry program at my church to support those who have felt broken, either sexually or in relationships. This program will deal mostly with those who have same-sex attraction, have been affected by molestation, have been affected by damaging relationships or for those who have sexual addictions.

Do you still find yourself being attracted to men?

I see the attractiveness of men, yes. But I no longer lust after them. I just look at them as friends.

Have you gone on any dates with women?

Between work, school and my ministry program, I have not had much time for dates! But I hope to soon. I'm just waiting until I am fully ready so I don't hurt myself or the girl.

Do you think the changes that you're trying to make are possible for other people in your situation?

I believe it is possible, but you have to make that decision. The scriptures tell us that, "You can do all things through HIM who gives you strength." God never promises a bed of roses or a "peachy" life. But He does promise us that if we believe in Him and put our trust in Him, He will carry us through those tough times, even making the choice to seek healing from our brokenness.

Are you glad you decided to share your story with our viewers?

Overjoyed! It was a blast getting to know the crew and share my story. I used the time to evaluate where I am in my life and things that I need to keep working on.