You've Never Seen The 'Shore' Cast Lookin' This Bleepin' Sexy

Earlier this week we posted a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the "Jersey Shore" cast's Season 4 photo shoot in Italy. The pics--snapped via mobile phone by our dutiful dot-com insider--were a great example of how happy and relaxed our MTV-lebrities can be when they're not, er, beating each other up. But truth be told, they were small potatoes compared to what we've been keeping under wraps here at MTV HQ.

Because y'alls have been waiting so patiently for the Aug. 4 premiere, we begged (and begged, and begged) for permission from show execs to leak a few of the hottest photos from the shoot. And because we're highly skilled at bugging the crap out of people until they finally relent, we were granted our wish. Our gift to you, dear readers, are these sexy new images of the casties having a blast in The Motherland. Enjoy!

P.S. Apologies to Ron for leaving him out of the post! We've got some great Italy pics of him coming soon...


Hubba. Hubba.

Photos: Ian Spanier