Behind-The-Scenes Cast Pics From MTV's Season 4 Photo Shoot

Now that's one good-looking--and easy to spot in a crowd--group of American tourists, wouldn't ya say? Love the poiple skinny jeans, Vin!

With every new season of "Jersey Shore," MTV holds a private photo shoot to capture the camaraderie (and intermittent rivalry) between the castmates, as well as the essence of the area where the show was filmed. For Season 1, we shot pics of our then bright-eyed unknowns on the beach in Seaside Heights; for Season 2 in Miami, we set up shop on a rooftop pool to reflect the city's glam lifestyle; for Season 3, we were back to basics at the Shore, snapping the international superstars hangin' inside their rental home and riding a colorful boardwalk carousel; and for Season 4 in Florence, 'course we just had to explore the windy cobblestone streets in which they walked to work every day and wandered around wasted every night.

Above is one of the beauteous MTV group shots that resulted from the long day of picture-taking in Florence, but for a better vibe of how the cast was getting along behind the scenes, just take a look at the below photos our insider took during everyone's downtime. They seem to be all smiles, except for Deena, who must've thought the photog was asking for a let's-do-sex face.

MTV Group Photo: Ian Spanier

Behind-The-Scenes Photos: Noelle Llewellyn