Heidi Montag And Danielle Staub Become Insta-BFFs On 'Famous Food'

Heidi Montag may have thought her background in the service industry would give her a leg up on VH1's new "Famous Food" competition, but last night's premiere sorta proved otherwise. The former "Hills" castie jumped out of the gates by starting a mini-alliance with Danielle Staub and suggesting a name for the restaurant: "Fame," because the contestants are all "famous." Heidi and Danielle took the reigns on the project, but their ideas fell flat with their bosses--the owners of The Dolce Group--who were turned off by the concept of a glitzy Italian-Soul Food eatery high above Hollywood's Sunset Blvd.

All seven contestants have a lot to figure out before they can even think about opening up shop (which they have to do in 28 days), so we're curious to see how Heidi's surprisingly calm temperament and budding friendship with not-so-calm Danielle will pan out.

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