Remember When... JWOWW Got A VIP Pass To Pauly's Prince Albert?

They're such international hotshots these days that it's almost hard to remember a time when the "Jersey Shore" cast members weren't household names--like, before 10-year-olds debated during recess whether or not SamRon should stay together, or before MTV dropped Snooki instead of a ball on New Year's Eve. That's why each week we're featuring old-school pics and video of one lucky guido/guidette from the series and asking you to share your first impressions of them. Today's victim: JWOWW!

Forget "Single Ronnie." Sometimes we can't help but long for the days of (Sorta) Single JWOWW, when she'd just started dating Tom and was still open to dry-humping her roommates--namely Pauly D--on the dance floor. 'Twas such a carefree time filled with so much possibility, but alas, Jenni has always been the relationship type, and without her reconciliation with Tom ('member the blue roses?), we would have never gotten to witness their inevitable yet totally bananas breakup during Season 3. All that drams instilled in us major relief that we never gave our boyfriends the passwords to our PayPal account.

Throughout the seasons, JWOWW's walls have slowly come down and she's allowed us to see a softer side--one that cries when her dogs have been abandoned and her mattress has been stolen. But one thing that hasn't changed, aside from adding a huge paycheck into the mix, is her sexy wardrobe. Whether it's neon pasties, glittery 5-inch pumps or wedgie-inducing Daisy Dukes, we love the confidence she exudes when showing off her oft half-nekkid bod. And so do all the guys.

We commend you, Jenni "JWOWW" Farley, for your don't-eff-with-me 'tude, strict adherence to the laws of GTL (Thou shalt do it daily, and thou shalt do it with chin held high) and dangerous right hook.

Let's take a look back at pics from JWOWW's first-ever MTV photo shoot, where she showed up sporting blonde streaks in her hair, a dangling belly ring and a healthy dose of female swagga. We've also got Episode 2 of Season 1 for ya below -- you know, the one where Pauly D gives her an up-close and personal look at his royal pal, Prince Albert.

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Photos: Scott Gries/PictureGroup